About Us

Founder Shinji Hiejima 

Professor, Okayama University

Ltd. was established to commercialize Hydro-VENUS (Hydrokinetic Vortex ENergy Utilization System), a pendulum-type water flow power generation system born from university research.
 Hydro-VENUS is the world’s first system that generates electricity by vibrating a pendulum with the flow of water in rivers, waterways, and oceans around us, such as tidal and ocean currents. Compared to the conventional propeller rotation method used in wind power generation, this method uses a pendulum with a simple shape, such as a cylinder, which is more durable and low-cost. In addition, the pendulum can be expected to improve the marine environment and increase the number of fish by agitating the nutrients in the sea.
 Japan’s oceans are called “satoumi,” and in addition to fishery resources, they have provided us with abundant blessings such as white sand and green pines and beautiful island scenery. The seas around Japan contain a vast amount of tidal energy equivalent to 20 nuclear power plants. We intend to use Hydro-VENUS, named after Venus, the legendary goddess of beauty who was born from the sea, to extract this “satoumi energy” from the beautiful satoumi and contribute to the improvement of Japan’s energy self-sufficiency and the realization of a sustainable society.

Representative Director: Takeji Ueda

The innovation and benefits of HydroVenus are unrivaled, and I am confident that the technology will spread around the world and benefit many people. The role of renewable energy is becoming increasingly important in the context of fossil fuel depletion, global warming, and nuclear safety, and we believe that Hydro Venus has a responsibility to respond to this situation. We will continue to promote the idea of locally produced energy that Hydro Venus has been aiming for since its establishment, and develop a wide range of applications from disaster prevention sensing to the core power that supports our daily lives.